What Ubisoft can do to make Rainbow Six better

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

The game which was released in 2015 after a lot of controversies, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege turned out to be one of the most lucrative Co-op Multiplayer game for Ubisoft. Since the beginning, Ubisoft has never shy of putting up some extra work and dibs to make this game always ahead of its time. With the regular-season release and continuous in-game enhancement, the game is always better than before.

But there are still few alterations or say add-on's Ubisoft could try.

1. Rework of old operators

One who has been playing Rainbow Six for a long time must have felt how new operators always looks and works much more futuristic than all 10 introductory operators. Making changes in their gadget deployment or mechanics of gadget might just work and will give a new feel for all those golden-agers.

2. Make use of each operator's storyline and Bio

Source: r/Rainbow6

Every operator has a unique storyline and some interesting facts about their behaviour. Just read out the phycological report of Nokk. It clearly shows that Ubisoft has given depth details on each and every operator and it seems obvious that these storylines have much more to do than just settling inside operators Bio.

3. AFK operator selection bucket

Long gone are those days where AFK recruit was a thing. And now a lot of times you must have darned yourself of getting unwanted operators when you were AFK. And this is where AFK Bucket might just do the trick for you. Every player will have 5 operators to lock into the bucket and auto pick will choose it for you in the precedence of your choice and operators which are already being picked.

4. 6th Pick with a Twist (Op-swap)

6th pick has been a success for R6 in Pro league but Ubisoft clearly doesn't consider it in a ranked match. But there might be a way to implement it in rank but in a different way. The "OP-Swap" will be an agreement between 2 players to swap their current picked operator.

Also, Ash mains can be benefitted from this.

Comment down below what do you think about these ideas and don't forget to jot down your ideas also.