Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad: Releasing on 27th August in Mobile

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Source: Ubisoft

A free-to-play RPG consists of 70 characters from Tom Clancy's Universe. Assemble a Squad of 5 before setting out on a multi-chapter campaign to tackle a new threat and save the world. Sam Fisher, Caveira, Montagne, Nomad, and even villains like El Sueño are just some of the characters that will be available to recruit.

With similar locations, characters and villains from Tom Clancy's Universe, it will be very exciting to see how the gameplay will turn out. Ubisoft first showed off Elite Squad back at E3 2019, revealing a game that looks similar to EA's Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes but with tactical operatives instead of stormtroopers and Jedi.

While this trailer doesn't show us any new gameplay, it does offer a nice look at the cartoony style that Elite Squad is using to unify the various franchises it's crossing over. It's stylish and fun, like a modern, extra-violent GI Joe. Hopefully, the game itself pulls off the aesthetic just as well.

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