Steam Summer Sales Introduces Steam Points

Steam Sales introduced a new way of giving rewards to players globally as steam points.

Its Simple Earn Points! Get rewards!

For every 100 rupees, you get 132 points (or for every dollar you get 100 points). Buy any games, DLC, Application or in-game item.

You can purchase items like animated avatars (3,000 points) and profile backgrounds (2,000 points) or chat stickers (1,000 points) and emoticons (100 points). You can also use points to purchase items that were previously acquired through trading cards – though that system still exists, too.

You can also spend 300 points to bestow an award on a piece of community content. That'll put a tag of, say, ‘deep thoughts’ or ‘hot take’ or ‘heartwarming’ on that content, and will bestow the recipient with an extra 100 points of their own to spend.

Awards can be applied to pretty much everything, including screenshots, Workshop items, and guides, but most notably you can apply them directly to user reviews. The valve isn’t clear on whether this will affect how certain reviews surface, but some of those awards could prove a way to sort through comedy reviews to the actually useful stuff. (That is, of course, making the very big assumption that the award system won’t be manipulated for the memes.)

Early leaks of the Steam loyalty system hinted that there would be discounts on games too, but there’s no official indication in this release that those are coming. For now, there are plenty of free Steam games on top of the Summer Sale discounts if you’re looking to save a few dollars.