Riot Valorant: India launch

Riot's Valorant launched in India on 2nd June, This is the first FPS genre from Riot. This First-person shooter game completed its almost 2 months long beta program.

This 5v5 multiplayer game was a hot topic in the gaming industry starting 2020 since it was played by millions in its Beta stage which was not expected at all as Riot said.

Gameplay and Graphics :

The game is similar to any other FPS games like CS: GO or Rainbow Six Siege.

Here diffuser is known as "SPIKE" with 2 bombsites named as A and B. Each round is total of 100 sec. The attacker must plant the Spike and restrict defenders from diffusing it. The game is best of 25 which is switched between attacker and defender.

The Graphics is similar to "Overwatch" and the feel of it is absolutely stunning, the game is only set to release in windows as of now which is a piece of sad news for console gamers.

“Our focus right now is on PC," lead game designer Trevor Romleski said viaTwitch streamer TimTheTatman."We’re open to exploring new opportunities for other platforms, but for the time being what our current focus is on the PC platform."

But hey, for those who are not a part of PC gaming, Riot Games hasn't ruled out the option, after all, Good news may be on the way.

Till then Adios Amigos!