Are Video Games good for children?

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

Video games have been around for more than 50 years now. A Multi-Million dollars industry has become much more sophisticated and realistic, but is it good for the child's mental and physical health?

Benefits :

  1. Problem Solving Skills - Video Games teaches players to solve complex problems on their own (Provided they don't use cheat codes).

  2. Decision Making - Many games have career level which tests their decision-making skills and eventually results in success.

  3. Imaginative Play and creativity - As Albert Einstien said: "Imagination is more important than knowledge". Gaming will keep your little one's imagination and creativity level up-top.

  4. Visual-Spatial Skills - Games like Minecraft are set in a 3D-virtual world which player has to navigate. The possibilities in Minecraft are endless.

  5. Planning and logistic Management - The player learns to manage limited resources in the game and how to grow in-game with it.

  6. Professional Career : As the gaming industry is booming, the chance to get into gaming and play professionally and earn at the same time is the dream of every gamer. Gaming industry offers huge bucks to professional gamers.

Well, there are much more benefits to put in here but its important to know the drawbacks or say Negative effects on children.

Drawbacks :

[Note: This one is especially for the children below 17]

  1. Physical fitness: Physical fitness is as important as any other activity for a child. Yes, parents! when you were 14 you were always spotted outside on a playground. Make sure your child does the same thing.

  2. Aggression: Well this depends on what kind of games your child is playing, make sure you keep an eye on your little one.

  3. Gaming addiction: To be honest addiction to anything is bad, make sure to limit those gaming hours to keep it healthy and fun.

So what's the verdict here:

(As Concluded by "Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences")

"As we can see, computer games have a large impact on children’s development. It is desirable for children to use these games for certain educational and developmental objectives and activities. But parents must pay attention to have them less exposed to the harmful impacts of computer games. Managing children’s computer games consumption is very important. Parents recognize that games can have powerful effects on children, and should, therefore, set limits on the amount and content of games their children play.

In this way, we can realize the potential benefits while minimizing potential harms".

Gaming is neither bad nor good, it all comes down to monitoring the child properly. If guided properly gaming can be a boon for the child's brain development.

Here is the list of games suitable for children

Lego Marvel Superheroes


Child of light

Trine 2