Future of Mobile Gaming

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

The future of mobile gaming seems to be is brighter than ever now. Why? The answer is

It's Fast. It's Simple. It's Easy.


The prediction is mobile games can surpass PC and Console gaming very soon.

From being a mere after school distraction, mobile gaming has taken a big leap into becoming a full-grown career and fame making industry. As per the survey mobile games generated 48% of revenue across all gaming market. With PC lowest at 23% and console at 28%.

Top Google Apps by revenue 2019 - Statista

Candy Crush Saga with the highest revenue-generating app in the App Store by June 2019 followed by the Clash of Clans and Coin Master and play. This list mostly includes games with Tinder and Pandora. Gaming App takes 75% in the entire App market. Moreover, Mobile games are less expensive than PC or Console games.

Addiction to Hyper casual mobile games

A game is hypercasual when it's easy to play and highly addictive, making it perfect for mobile. Some examples are Temple Run, Candy Crush. In the beginning, levels are relatively simple to beat, making the player crave that win. Once a player is addicted the levels start to get more difficult, which only pushes the player to play more.

With 5g coming and lot of development happening in the mobile industry, mobile gaming is bound to take over.

How do you see the future of the mobile gaming industry?

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