ESL India Premiership 5th Edition - How to Register, Where to watch

Source: ESL India Premiership

Video games in India is an emerging market, reportedly gaming sector is expected to reach the figure of Rs 11,900 crore by

FY 2022-23. In India, this is the best time for all the lads who are interested in gaming and want to make their profession out of it.

This opportunity is brought to you by NODWIN GAMING as ESL India Premiership 2020. Right now there are only 4 games which are in the list (many more to come).

Let's check out the list of games here:

1. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Source: Steam

The Veteran of Esports title with the huge base of online players retained its spot in the premiership. Registration is free of cost with a minimum age requirement of 16.

Register your team

2. PUBG Mobile


This massively multiplayer game gets its place in this premiership for the first time ever, the second most requested game according to ESL India's social media responses.

Minimum age requirement 16.

Register your team @

3. FIFA 20


The first console game in the premiership, ESL India has been doing FIFA community cups for a long time which proves how big the following base for FIFA is out there.

Most importantly, the minimum age required for FIFA is 13 years, way to go for young lads!

Register yourself here.

4. Clash of Clans


The most requested game for premiership? Yes, Its Clash of Clans. The fast-paced and easy-going strategy game made its way to ESL India for the very first time.

Minimum age requirement 13.

Register here.

Where to watch?

With such a huge platform, there has to be a good amount of audience, ESL has patterned with

Disney Hotstar to broadcast all the matches.

Watch it here.

Enjoy watching your favourite Esport!