E-Sports and Olympics - All you need to know about

Esports can be a part of the Olympics by 2024, but there is a catch to it. Let's check out the challenges that can come across for Esports industry.

1. Different Structure

IOC traditionally works through international working bodies for each sport. In turn, those international bodies are comprised of national governing bodies. The National Governing bodies pick who is going to represent. Who is going to do that in Esports?

2. Game Genre

There are numerous games which are violent and not really follows "Olympic Values".

So, what kinds of games can be played? World Sailing has proposed a version of its sailing contest, similarly, National Basketball Association and the English Premier League for soccer has also partnered with esports leagues on gaming titles build for their sports.

3. The First Step

Back in 2017, the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) announced a partnership with AliSports Esports to have a demonstration event in 2018 games, then as a full medal event in 2022. The 2018 Games demonstration event featured League of Legends (LoL), Starcraft II, Hearthstone, Arena of Valor, Clash Royale, and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2018.

And now with the Schedule and events of 2022, Asia games is revealed officially by the Hangzhou Games Committee, it seems to be a No-No for Esports as of now.

But why?

“There needs to be one international federation. Now there are so many international federations for esports,” OCA director general Husain Al Musallam told Agence France-Presse. “They have to get together to decide one governing body. To be ‘official’ in the program and not ‘demonstration’ it has to be one international sport.”

With all those challenges, Esports still seems to have a very bright future with its popularity and potential, things will change, new rules will be made because Esports is here to stay.