A guide to AMD processors. How to choose a perfect CPU for your need

AMD released the Zen-based high-end Ryzen 7 "Summit Ridge" series CPUs on March 2, 2017, mid-range Ryzen 5 series CPUs on April 11, 2017, and entry-level Ryzen 3 series CPUs on July 27, 2017. With the release of these processors, AMD has given a tough competition to Intel.

Now let's talk about how you should be choosing your AMD processor according to your needs.

How to understand AMD CPU names

The first part of the name is very easy to understand. ou can consider it another way to say, entry-level, mid-level, high-end and so on.

Ryzen 3

With the maximum of 4 cores and 8 threads, Ryzen 3 is only good in Office apps, photo editing, web surfing and watching top streamers.

  • 4 cores

  • Up to 8 processing threads

  • Up to 18MB GameCache

Ryzen 5

This is a mid-range processor from AMD with optimized processing units for gamers and creators.

  • From 4 to 6 cores

  • Up to 12 processing threads 

  • Up to 35MB GameCache

Ryzen 7

Ryzen 7 signals to the high-end processors and top-notch specifications.

  • 8 cores

  • 16 processing threads

  • Up to 36 MB GameCache

Ryzen 9

Higher speeds. More memory. Wider bandwidth. Ryzen 9 is the top of the high-end lineup, above Ryzen 7 CPUs.

  • Up to 16 cores

  • Up to 32 processing threads

  • Up to 72 MB GameCache

Ryzen Threadripper

The World's most powerful 32 Core the desktop processor claimed by AMD. But this is the most powerful processor from AMD till date for sure. From movies like "Terminator" to Netflix series "love death and robot" are rendered with Threadripper and proved to be one of the best in industry.

  • Up to 64 cores

  • Up to 128 processing threads

  • Up to 288MB cache

How to Interpret AMD CPU Model Number

Now let's take an example from AMD Ryzen™ 9 3950X model

let's try to understand what 3950 X means.

The First Digit, 3 represents the processors is of 3rd generation. The first digit always represents the generation number of the processor. that means 3950X is of the latest 3rd generation model.

The second digit, 9 tells you the performance level. This means that 3950 performs better than a 3850 model. Usually, models with 6 to 9 as the second digit are found in desktop CPUs and below 6 are found in laptops since they consume less power but also perform worse.

The last suffix, X in this case, is optional.

  • X signals high-performance, higher clock speeds than the equivalent model without an X suffix.

  • G signals low-power desktop with integrated GPU.

  • H signals higher-power mobile device, e.g., laptop. (“high power” might suggest performance, but they’re still slower than standard desktop CPU.)

  • U signals standard power lower clocked, for mobile devices

  • M signals very low-power consumption, which also means very low performance.

Which processor is best for you?

If you play games, high clock speed for the CPU is much more important than the core count. You should aim for at least six cores and then look for the CPU with the highest number of GHz you can find and afford. You might also focus on models with the “X” suffix, as those have increased clock speeds over the base models. The Threadripper series might seem like the best choice for gaming, but it isn’t since most of those models have lower clock speeds when compared to the best CPUs in the Ryzen 7 or 9 series.

To browse the Web, watch YouTube, Netflix and such, a Ryzen 3 is more than enough. If you are getting a laptop, though, try to pick a Ryzen 5, since the power-efficient processors are so much slower than the ones for desktops.

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